Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Perks, Weapons & Maps Leaked

XPGBuSh May 12, 2011

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    Please note that these are from an anonymous tipster that claimed he played beta testing for Modern Warfare 3. These are not all the items and or may not true, but it will raise a couple eyebrows. Check it out.

    • Scavenger: Replenishes Ammo
    • Revelations: ?
    • Pointblank: Makes reticule smaller, makes gun more accurate
    • Lifeline: Along the lines of Stopping Power
    • Sleight of Hand: Faster reload

    Weapons:(Mentioned from tipster)
    • Vector
    • Colt 45
    • Pacer 56

    • Detour: Comparision with Black Ops, "Hotel."

    Other Info:
    • Faster Pace then Modern Warfare 2
    • A cover system

    Full article:

    With a reveal which will hopefully come soon a lot of you may be wondering what kind of features MW3 could offer. Our source was very brief with some of the information and we only managed to get some key details to what people may find important in Modern Warfare 3. Perks, Maps & Guns where revealed during our discussion which he made clear multiple times that some details may change through out development. Our source mentioned 5 perks that were available during testing which were Scavenger, Revelations, Pointblank, lifeline & Sleight of Hand. Two of these you may be familiar with but unfortunately he only gave me a description of Pointblank & Lifeline. Pointblank is a perk which makes makes your "reticule smaller" as he described it is "Cheating in plain sight" and "Helps you hit the head", a perk that makes you more accurate at gaining head shots. Not much was shed on the perk "Lifeline" but to my understanding it is something along the lines of stopping power pro.

    According to our source his weapons of choice were the Vector, Colt 45 & Pacer 56. The Pacer 56 doesn't exist, at the time I started to question the truth behind his story and he had this to say about it "It's suppose to be a new weapon imported if a new war started". Apparently, only one map was available during testing titled "Detour" which he made comparisons to Hotel in Black Ops. The pacing in Modern Warfare 3 was described as "Faster than MW2" and a apparent cover system exist in the game "Oh yeah, your suppose to be able to hold on to cover".

    Pointblank? Pacer 56? Cover system? Map called "Detour"? More fast paced than Modern Warfare 2? A whole lot of new things from this interview whether or not it's real we can't confirm. But it seems that, if even SOME of these items are true the next Call Of Duty could be a bit of a twist to the franchise, especially with that cover system.

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