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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Pack #1

GamrInsanity Jan 24, 2012

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    This DLC pack is the 1st of 9 total packages coming to the Premium members of Call of Duty Elite and it’s a good start to a long DLC Season for all 3 teams that are helping put together all these content packages. Inside the first DLC you get 2 brand new multiplayer maps that you get to use in both Multiplayer and Spec Ops modes.

    After playing a few games I must say that Piazza is my favorite of the 2 maps because it’s tailored more to my play style. I like to run and gun while playing Call of Duty games and if you use the same tactics and most people who play that way your going to fall in love with the tight corners, short sight lines, and vertical gameplay that is unlike any other map in any Call of Duty game. They took some risks by making it such a vertical level because you should expect to die a lot when you are on this map. When you walk up one staircase there will be a guy walking up another to the side of you that you can’t see and will you will get pwned before you even realized what happened. This is a great map for all modes and I have to say when playing Search and Destroy on this map be aware everyone rushes the center section and it becomes a hotspot for death. Try and stay away from that area when you spawn.

    [media] [/media]​

    The 2nd map included in this package is Liberation. This map is going to take getting used to since it’s a much bigger map with a lot more camping spots than most might like. On both sides when you spawn you have 3 options when it comes to the direction you want to be heading in. If you are a sniper you want to head to the sides as it will give you long sight lines that will help you get a quick kill shortly after a spawn. You can also head up the middle and try to take the ditch which runs from the two bridges on the map. Be warned that snipers also like to sit on and right next to the bridge waiting for someone to run by or pick them off when they are running from one side of the ditch to the other. This is the hotspot for all you who are wanting to stick with the Assault and SMG classes. I have also noticed while playing Search and Destroy on this map it is easier to flank and take your enemy by surprise if you take the middle route and head underground to the area where you would plant the bomb. You can easily get a kill or two on some people setting up bouncing betty and claymores traps.

    [media] [/media]​

    Overall this is a great start to the Content Season. Lets hope that all the DLC only gets better with the feedback they looking for to try to make better maps for all types of players and game types.
    Download the new maps from the Store in the Multiplayer menu today if you are a Call of Duty Elite Premium Member.
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    Fantastic Review , well worth a watch for those that dont already have the map pack.
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