Modern Warfare 3 – Weapon and Pointstreak Details

xpghax Oct 6, 2011

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    THE BUZZ: Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, has revealed some more information regarding certain aspects of Modern Warfare 3.

    Firstly he mentioned that bullet penetration will no longer be dependent on equipping full-metal jacket bullets, and that SMG’s can’t penetrate surfaces. “Deeper Bullet Penetration is a weapon proficiency now, not an attachment,” he said. “[Impact is] only available on Assault, LMG, and Snipers.”

    He assured fans that killstreak counts will reset, and that only none lethal “pointstreaks” will carry over saying, “only Support Strike Package (pointstreak rewards that don’t get you kills but provide team support) don’t reset.”

    Finally he announced that explosives have been toned down in Modern Warfare 3 and now do less damage:

    “Explosives do a lot less damage in MW3, plus there is new equipment (Trophy System) to combat them as well.”

    EGM’s TAKE: Infinity Ward has listened to a lot of fan feedback and is trying to fix a lot of issues from in Modern Warfare 2. We just hope these fixes don’t create issues of their own.

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