Modder Puts Metal Gear Solid Characters In Fallout 4

Bullet Feb 4, 2016

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    A modder going by the name of Akiba91 has created an amazing, feature laden mod which allows gamers to play as characters from Metal Gear Solid 5 in Fallout 4. Aptly named ‘Metal Gear Solid – All in One Standalone’ this mod has everything you could possibly want, without the need of using the Fallout 4 character creator.
    This is what the mod creator has included to date:
    "Metal Gear Solid - ALL IN ONE - STANDALONE is a package of all my mods that can be used with Armorsmith Extended.
    It contains various assets from Metal Gear Solid, and it will be expanded in time.
    For now inside the package you'll find:
    - Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit - Stealth Camo Version
    - Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit - Standard Version
    - Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit Belt Bags
    - Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit Gun Holster
    - Ground Zeroes Eyepatch
    - The Phantom Pain Eyepatch No Horn
    - The Phantom Pain Eyepatch Good Horn
    - The Phantom Pain Eyepatch Evil Horn
    - Venom Snake Wig
    - The Phantom Pain Suit - No Bionic Arm
    - The Phantom Pain Suit - Bionic Arm
    - The Phantom Pain Suit - Gun Holster
    - The Phantom Pain Suit - Belt Bags
    - The Phantom Pain Venom Snake Scarf
    - The Phantom Pain Suit bug fixes"
    As you can see a lot of work has gone into this mod. In order to use it
    you will need another mod, called Armorsmith Extended, which allows you to create some Metal Gear Solid items on Fallout’s workbench.
    You can download everything needed from here.
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    This looks pretty cool.
  3. Bu

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    Its awesome!

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