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•Σиïgмλ• Mar 20, 2010

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    things you will need:
    Xplorer360 or Xport360
    Hxd or any other hex editor
    1copy of Metro2033
    1fresh user.cfg file from 1st checkpoint (save from easy setting)
    a resigning/rehash program

    First Off start a new game on easy and when you get to the 1st checkpoint save the game
    open up your save device
    navigate to the folder 54510842
    inside that folder you should find 2files a autosave file and user.cfg file
    we want the user.cfg file
    drag that to desktop
    make a copy of that file just incase u mess up along the way
    now open up Hxd and drag the user.cfg file into it
    now press Ctrl+g and go to offset 0000CFF3
    here is where we will be adding cfg settings into the file
    if you want to change difficulty look for g_game_difficulty 0 is easy 1 is medium and 2 is hard
    scroll down untill you see ph_ce_sound_maxvelocity 50.
    look at the hex on the right hand side and where the value 0D 0A i just after that put in this
    g_unlimitedammo on
    if you have letters left from other commands just fill them with hex values of 00 all the way up to the next 0D 0A values
    then after the next 0D 0A values overwrite the existing code with this g_god on
    same as before overwrite whats after that with hex values of 00 untill u get to the hex values 0D 0A
    DO NOT overwrite the 0D 0A values at all
    when u have finished doing the codes click Ctrl+S to save the file
    now open up your resigner and resign/rehash
    once its resigned n rehashed simply out back into your storage device and enjoy smashing the game
    credits for the ppl that helped me figure out the manual hex way
    ..EddyWatson..Burrows.1..and of course Enigma

    *if you dont want to do all this manual hexxing why not use this tool made by Jizzabees*

    and if you do use Jizzabees tool plz dont forget to say thanks

    iv been informed that everytime you aquire a new weapon you will need to remod the file i will look further into this and keep ya posted
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    Cerebral Cortex.
    I removed my editor because apparently it wasn't correct...

    But here are some more variables that can be used (others can be found in the game's default.xex).

    ai::feel_vision off
    ai::feel_vision_ex off
    ai::graph off
    ai::graph::links off
    ai::graph::normals off
    ai::graph::radius 10.
    ai::look_body off
    ai::look_head off
    ai::path::detail off
    ai::path::patrol off
    ai::path::vertex off
    ai::patrol off
    ai::space_restrictions off
    bind changemenumap kESCAPE
    bind wpn_1 k1
    bind wpn_2 k2
    bind wpn_3 k3
    bind wpn_4 k4
    bind wpn_5 k5
    bind medkit kQ
    bind forward kW
    bind use kE
    bind wpn_reload kR
    bind wpn_next kLBRACKET
    bind wpn_prev kRBRACKET
    bind time kT
    bind menu_enter kRETURN
    bind crouch kLCONTROL
    bind lstrafe kA
    bind back kS
    bind rstrafe kD
    bind wpn_light kF
    bind gasmask kG
    bind console kGRAVE
    bind sprint kLSHIFT
    bind crouch_toggle kZ
    bind accel kX
    bind nightvision kN
    bind map kM
    bind jump kSPACE
    bind cam_1 kF1
    bind cam_2 kF2
    bind cam_3 kF3
    bind quick_save kF5
    bind quick_load kF7
    bind quick_load kF8
    bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT
    bind cam_zoom_in kADD
    bind pause kPAUSE
    bind up kUP
    bind left kLEFT
    bind right kRIGHT
    bind down kDOWN
    bind wpn_fire mouse0
    bind wpn_aim mouse1
    bind nightvision x_dpad_up
    bind gasmask x_dpad_down
    bind wpn_next x_dpad_left
    bind wpn_prev x_dpad_right
    bind changemenumap x_start
    bind map x_back
    bind sprint x_left_thumb
    bind medkit x_right_thumb
    bind crouch_toggle x_left_shoulder
    bind jump x_right_shoulder
    bind use x_a
    bind wpn_light x_b
    bind wpn_reload x_x
    bind time x_y
    bind wpn_aim x_left_trigger
    bind wpn_fire x_right_trigger
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_distance 3.
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_interval 1200.
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_penalty 1000.
    cvr_death_danger_distance 5.
    cvr_death_danger_interval 2400.
    cvr_death_danger_penalty 10000.
    cvr_grenade_danger_distance 10.
    cvr_grenade_danger_interval 1.
    cvr_grenade_danger_penalty 1000.
    cvr_hit_danger_distance 3.
    cvr_hit_danger_interval 1200.
    cvr_hit_danger_penalty 1000.
    g_autopickup on
    g_god off
    g_unlimitedammo off
    mouse_sens 0.4
    msaa 0
    ph_ce_sound_distance 70.
    ph_ce_sound_maxvelocity 50.
    ph_ce_sound_minvelocity 1.
    ph_dbg_render 0
    ph_dump_stats 0
    ph_enable_int_coll 1
    phv_actor_axes 0
    phv_anim_mixing 0
    phv_awake_only 0
    phv_body_ang_velocity 0
    phv_body_axes 0
    phv_body_lin_velocity 0
    phv_body_mass_axes 0
    phv_buoyancy 0
    phv_ccd_sceletons 0
    phv_cloth_mesh 0
    phv_collision_aabbs 0
    phv_collision_axes 0
    phv_collision_compounds 0
    phv_collision_dynamic 1
    phv_collision_edges 0
    phv_collision_fnormals 0
    phv_collision_free 0
    phv_collision_sap 0
    phv_collision_shapes 0
    phv_collision_spheres 0
    phv_collision_static 0
    phv_collision_vnormals 0
    phv_contact_error 0
    phv_contact_force 0
    phv_contact_normal 0
    phv_contact_point 0
    phv_dynamic 0
    phv_fluids 0
    phv_joints 0
    phv_kinematic 1
    phv_static 0
    phv_trigger_shapes_only 0
    phv_use_zbuffer 0
    phv_world_axes 0
    physx_connect_to_debugger 0
    r_af_level 0
    r_bloom_threshold 0.01
    r_can_miniformat 0
    r_dao 0
    r_deblur_dist 10.
    r_api 0
    r_exp_temporal 0
    r_fullscreen oN
    r_hud on
    r_hud_weapon on
    r_ignore_portals off
    r_light_frames2sleep 10
    r_local_mblur_coef 0.015
    r_mipcolor 0
    r_msaa_level 0
    r_quality_level 3
    r_res_hor 1680
    r_res_vert 1050
    r_show 0
    r_sun_depth_far_bias 0.
    r_sun_depth_far_scale 1.
    r_sun_depth_near_bias -0.
    r_sun_depth_near_scale 1.
    r_sun_near 12.
    r_sun_near_border 0.666
    r_sun_tsm_bias -0.
    r_sun_tsm_proj 0.2
    r_supersample 1.
    r_texnostreaming off
    r_tone_adaptation 5.
    r_tone_amount 0.
    r_tone_low_lum 0.01
    r_tone_middlegray 0.33
    r_view_distance 125.
    r_vsync off
    role_border0 100.
    role_border1 1000.
    role_time0 2.
    role_time1 0.5
    s_cone_inner_volume 1.
    s_cone_outer_volume 0.75
    s_dbg_draw 0
    s_dbg_draw_dist 0
    s_dbg_draw_name 0
    s_dbg_draw_stopped 0
    s_dbg_stat_active 0
    s_master_volume 0.5
    s_music_volume 0.5
    s_render_targets 24
    sick_camera 0.
    sick_fov 45.
    sick_hud 0.
    sick_mblur 0.
    sick_mouse 0.
    sick_slowmo 0.
    stats off
    stats_graph 1.000000,5,5.000000,1,0.000000
    stats_graph_rect 300,200,1000,200
    show_points_ex 0
    invert_y_axis 0
    gamepad_preset 0
    g_game_difficulty 1
    joy_sens_x 1.5
    joy_sens_aiming_x 0.4
    vibration 2
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