Minor game details you never noticed!

Wallsch Dec 8, 2011

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    Grand Theft Auto IV:

    1. If you would like to turn your car off when you get out hold "Y"(Triangle). (If you tap "Y"(Triangle) this will not work!) If done correctly your engine will turn off and your player will leave the vehicle. If you would like to be in the car while it's turned off just press "Y"(Triangle) and quickly press "Start" so long as the game stays paused your player will sit in the vehicle without turning the vehicle on. As soon as you un-pause your player will start the car.

    2. This one is more common as it's explained in the begining however many people only play multiplayer if you hold "X"(Square) you can switch your head lights from normal to high beams.

    Dead Island :

    1. That nice chainsaw that people who don't have the dev menu are very limited on the gas. For such a great weapon how can you save on gas? Turn it off! How you may ask just simply hold "B"(Circle) until the blade stops spinning. This will have to be redone every time you open a door talk to a person etc.

    PlayStation controls are in parentheses.

    If you know any small details many may not know post a reply and I will update this. (It can be any game.) You will be credited!

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