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Bullet Feb 23, 2013

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    is an open world of building blocks, in this world the player is free
    to do whatever they wish. The sort of things you can do is only limited
    by your imagination really , aided by tools, crafting tables, and
    furnaces all of which must be built, the player's only mission is to make their own fun in a randomly generated sandbox world.

    Minecraft players use items that can be resourced from within the
    world. Simple actions such as punching a tree, for example, produces
    blocks of wood, which can be taken to a crafting table and turned into
    wooden planks for buildings, making sticks, or stairs. Sticks can be
    combined with other resources to make tools which in turn can be used to
    mine other resources such as coal.

    Minecraft has a
    natural day-night cycle, however when the sun goes down the monsters
    come out to play They are easy enough to avoid, though, build a simple
    shelter with your resources or a fancy fortress, its upto you.
    ability to build fortress or any other massive structure from scratch is
    where the game really shines, making it more of a virtualized toy box
    than a game with a driving plot or goals.

    auto-generated worlds are more than large enough to accommodate all the
    necessary mineral and material types, and hold your interest whilst you
    go on a mission to create a giant male organ lol.

    If you do get bored of your own world though you can use "seeds" which allow you to use other peoples worlds.

    Heres some seeds listed below:

    -8066148653833342729 (Nothing but ocean small island with few trees)


    -7824127053529070735 (Snow, big mountains)

    nylys (Snow, village)

    Buggerlugs (ravine just beside spawn at the bottom of which is an abandoned mineshaft)


    -332835062 mountains with overhangs, snowy


    ICANHAZCHEEZBURGERTerrain: Pretty much all water, with small/medium islands in opposite ends. One of the islands has a ton of wood on it.

    -6006667574597603128 (include the dash). Stronghold is located (roughly) at x-236 y32 z232.

    blargensnarf stronghold
    at spawn There is a library in this stronghold and there are some very
    easy diamonds to get in it as well! youtube.com/watch?v=ZVIxJOTA4nw

    -242737888 Type:
    SWAMP BIOME stronghold x:246 Y:32 Z:-4 villiage #1: x:372 Y:71 Z:112
    Village #2: X:317 Y:68 Z:-393 Ravine #1: X:-394 Y:63 Z:-281 Ravine #2:
    X:136 Y:64 Z:236 Ravine #3: X:-41 Y:42 Z:157 HUGE MineShaft: X:-39 Y:33

    Megaman X3
    Spawn: Near the southwest corner of the map. Terrain: A large sized
    island in the West side of the map that is stocked full of trees. I
    haven't traveled
    further East or South, but so far it's fun! Structures: From spawn there is a nice chunk of weird mountain like formation with a few trees attached.


    Mustang GT - Stronghold
    at X:-256 Y: 42 Z:-20 Terrain: 75% water, with a large swamp/snow
    island to the south, and some small, swamp islands to the north, with
    one medium sized one to the northwest. Structures: On the southern
    island, there is a large ravine, and some pits that lead to an abandoned
    mine that mixes with a stronghold. Within the stronghold is at least
    one dungeon. There is considerable danger in exploring the stronghold,
    as much of it is in ruins that lead to lava.

    Utopiaismine great
    map lots of flat land in middle of map two villages within two minutes
    walk from spawn point really nice mountain formations to north


    Hope you enjoy playing Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, and please feel free to share your seeds with here on XPG.
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    cool seeds my fav by far is still worstseedever
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    Awesome mate! This will come in handy for me.

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