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Kragex Jul 27, 2012

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    Okay so I haven't really looked around but I couldn't see a topic with some of the lesser known tips and tricks in. If you have any that you want to add just post them here for others to see.
    1. You can place ladders under water to make an air block, since ladders are considered a whole block the water cannot pass through it, if you have a 2x2 entrance and place ladders on either side this will hold the water back allowing you to pass through.
    2. You can place Lanterns and/or Glowstone underwater.
    3. It's more efficient to use 64 coal instead of a bucket of lava, lava only smelts 100 blocks where as 64 coal smelts 512 blocks.
    4. If you build a wooden structure and don't want people to set it on fire, you can build using wooden slabs. 1 Wooden Plank Block will burn with fire but if you stack 2 wooden slabs on top of each other they will not set alight.
    5. If you set a pig on fire with a flint and steel it will drop cooked pork chops.
    6. You can wear a pumpkin as a mask.
    7. If you pick up an egg and throw it, it has a chance of spawning a chicken.
    8. You can place half slabs above water on a farm and the water will still reach the things you are trying to grow.
    9. If you use a shovel on snow you can pick up snowballs, then you can throw them or use 4 snowballs to make a block of snow.
    10. It's quicker to make mushroom stew on the go since the items required are stackable and it heals the most health points.

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