Minecraft, Taking the Lead for Schools in Ireland!

Nasyr Mar 27, 2015

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    Minecraft, the game where you build, learn, and explore the very structured world of your own. This game takes on a rather strange change over to something unheard of. They will be giving free licenses and copies to 50 post-primary schools, 30 libraries, and 240 sites in the living areas of Ireland. The means of this is because the schools have added on a new technology exploring side of the school. And Minecraft well over fulfills there needs for the new program in which students will take there learning to a new level with the free game.With something so unlikely, something so well has come out of it.

    Many of you may question what Minecraft may do for kids as it's just an Xbox game. Well.. MinecraftEdu is a special version of the game designed specifically for schools, with additions that are more useful and appropriate for the classroom. So there for, it is essentially the same with just a curve to make it more educational. This game can cover technology learning, arts, developing, and overall exercise for the brain. As to why this happens to be something only heard of in Ireland, i'm not too sure on the answer of that. Maybe other schools will get involved and this is only a starting point? Who knows.. ​
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