Minecraft Mod with USb stick Guide Needed

purplegecko4 Sep 4, 2012

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    Sep 4, 2012
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    How do i mod minecraft
    Can someone please give me a simple instruction list
    Im new to modding
    Major thanks to any one who can help
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    Feb 20, 2012
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    This is a step-by-step tutorial, with every step explained as good as i could

    1. Download Xbox Xtaf: http://goo.gl/iqXOq
    2. Download 360 Revolution: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/download/530-360revolution/
    3. Once downloaded and installed, go on your xbox.
    4. configure the USB you want to use for xbox storage (System settings > memory > select the USB)
    5. now go to the game you want to mod.
    5.1 if you want to mod a minecraft save, fill some/all slots in your inventory with stuff you want to replace (for example dirt blocks)
    6. make sure you save your file on your USB (or manually put it on the USB by moving/copying it from your hard drive)
    7. once youve done that, get your USB and put it in your pc.
    8. open up Xbox Xtaf from step 1
    9. click File > Open first USB Drive
    10. Open Data partition all the way trough so you get to your savegames
    in this case you want to mod a minecraft save, so there are 2 files in there.
    11. Right-click the 'Save006214768778' file or something like that and click extract.
    12. save the file somewhere you can find it easily.
    12.1 I strongly recommend backup the save up before you mod anything.
    13 once extracted open up 360 revolution from step 2.
    14. In the 'Gamesave mod tools' tab, search for minecraft and open it.
    15. click File > Open, in the window that shows up and find your gamesave.
    16. now you can edit the slots in your inventory
    >>>>>> CAUTION!!!<<<<<<<<
    Not every block/item is compatible ingame!! Like Melon seeds are coming the next update!
    so choose blocks that are basic or things youve seen ingame before!
    17. once edited, click File > Save and save your file.
    18. close 360 revolution, and open xbox xtaf again
    19. repeat step 10
    20. delete the old savegame file. ( NOT THE _MinecraftSaveInfo!!! )
    21. right click anywhere and click on Inject..
    22. find your modded savegame.
    23. in xbox xtaf now click File > Close current drive
    24. insert your USB in your xbox and you are ready to go!

    hope you succeed :)
    have fun modding!

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