Microsoft Will Unlock Xbox One's Hidden Performance Boost in Due Time

XPG Paddy Nov 29, 2013

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    Eurogamer flew out to Poland to meet with CD Projekt Red to discuss their upcoming, truly next gen title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Projekt Red's lead programmer, Balázs Török, believes that like the Xbox 360, Microsoft will reveal hidden "back doors" to get more out of the Xbox One. All in due time.

    Now, this isn't some sort of hardware upgrade or anything. It's revealing new methods that these developers can use to improve the outcome. Microsoft did mention that the Xbox One will grow stronger over time but we all attributed that to the magical cloud they're always referring to.

    Török stated "It's not like they would open up new hardware or anything - there's nothing new in there, it's new ways to do something. Both companies are already using all the knowledge they have from previous products to make the API tailored to games ... so I expect that they will do something like, 'OK now you can do this; it's extremely risky - only do this if you know what you're doing! But you can do this.' "

    Microsoft also mentioned that within the next year, they will be publishing titles that will primarily use their advanced cloud technology along with these new shortcuts. Now, we're all pretty aware of the differences between titles that come out early during a console's life cycle vs titles that come later on. Games like Oblivion and Skyrim are monumentally different in size, graphics and abilities and both came out on the same console. Seeing where next gen is kicking off, where it will end will be completely off the grid.

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