Microsoft Offering $75 Reward on Xbox One Purchases to selected Xbox 360 Customers

Rocky Jul 8, 2014

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    Are you still using your good old Xbox 360? Why would you do that when Microsoft might pay you as much as $75 if you purchase an Xbox One or any Xbox One bundle.

    According to various internet sources and the screenshots circulating on the web, a very lucrative message was sent to Xbox 360 owners offering them a big chunk of reward in return of ditching the old console for the new one. Here’s the official message that has been received:

    “As our way of saying thanks we are giving you, one of our very best customers, an exclusive $75 Xbox promotional code with the purchase of any Xbox One or Xbox One Bundle from Microsoft Store or your local retailer. Your code can be used for games, add-ons, movies, and more!”

    It is clear that the offer is not being made to all the Xbox 360 owners at large, but instead a selection of customers have been sent the message in question. It is unclear how many people are getting the message though.

    That being said, the offer can only be availed by the person whose Xbox Live account has received the message i.e. it is non-transferrable. Secondly, those who are eligible should buy the new console between 12AM PST on July 7, 2014 and 11.59PM PST on July 31, 2014 along with activating it before that time.

    You will get the promotional code on your new Xbox One message center by August 15, 2014; it should be redeemed before October 15, 2014 and used before October 15, 2015 or 365 days from the time you redeem it.

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