Microsoft Minecraft Deal, How Will It Affect Playstation, Nintendo and PC?

Bullet Sep 11, 2014

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    Yesterday we reported that Microsoft are looking to buy Mojang, the developers behind Minecraft for a reported $2 billion.
    Whilst this still has to be considered a rumor we also believe that there is no smoke without fire, and its highly unlikely that the Wall Street Journal would report something like this without a legitimate source, so the question is 'What does this mean for the other platforms?'.

    Minecraft which generated over $200 million in merchandise sales alone. According to a Tweet on June 25th by Mojang's Patrick Gueder, total combined sales of Minecraft across all platforms has exceeded the 54 million mark. This figure of course reflects the combined sales of the game on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

    Minecraft is the 3rd top best selling game of all time which is largely due to the sales of the console version of the game which are double the amount of sales generated by both the PC and Mac. The console versions did not release for years after the PC so you can see why Microsoft want to acquire the title.

    Many Minecraft fans are wondering what will be the future of the game if this deal does indeed go ahead. Will there be a Minecraft 2?
    Will it be an Xbox exclusive? Will PS4 get new versions of the game?

    The likelihood of a new version of Minecraft is almost a given, an Xbox exclusive would alienate too many gamers on other platforms such as PC and mobile, so its unlikely that Minecraft will become an Xbox exclusive anytime soon. It is also unlikely that the PS4 will get any new version of the game.

    This acquisition makes perfect sense from a business point of view and could defiantly help with sales of the Xbox One. There has not been any official statement from either Mojang or Microsoft yet, but as soon as there is we will keep you updated.

    What do you think about this deal, let us know your thoughts below.
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