Microsoft E3 2010 Media Briefing: Redesigned 360 out now!, Kinect Nov 4th, CoD DLC Exclusive, ESPN

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    Here are our highlights we posted during Microsoft's E3 2010 Media Briefing:

    * Media Briefing starts with a Call of Duty Black Ops trailer and a (long) demo. Coming 9th of November 2010.
    * Don Mattrick on stage. All game-addons and map-packs for all Call of Duty games for the next 3 years will come on Xbox LIVE first!
    * Talking a bit about Kinect now. Nothing new told.
    * Trailer of Metal Gear Solid Rising.
    * Phil Spencer (corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios) on stage now. "It's all about exclusive experiences"
    * CliffyB giving a live-demo of a 4-player game of Gears of War 3 (360 exclusive). Will introduce new mode called 'Beast'.
    * Fable 3 (360 exclusive) coming October 26th. Showing trailer.
    * Microsoft Game Studio's newest partner: Crytek. Announcing new exclusive for the Xbox 360: Codename Kingdoms.
    * Halo franchise: 34M copies sold, 2 billion online hours played. Bungie showing latest on Halo Reach (360 exclusive) with new trailer. Coming September 14th.
    * Xbox LIVE: 25M members. Marc Whitten (MS corporate VP) introduces Kinect. Live (lets hope lol) demo. Showing how to use the 360 interface with hand gesture and voice. Wave to ur 360 to sign-in lol, recognises face to login right user. Navigate easy menus (6 big icons/screen) with ur hand, control movies: navigate a virtual time-line with ur hand or with voice commands like "Xbox pauze", "Xbox play", "Xbox stop", "Xbox play music".
    * Xbox LIVE coming to Windows Phone 7.
    * Video Kinect live demo ... video chat with other Xbox LIVE or WLM (MSN) users. If you move, the Kinect cam will follow you so you stay in shot. "Xbox end chat". No headsets. No controllers.
    * ESPN demo now. ESPN in HD on Xbox360 for all Gold members at no additional cost ... again u can control it all with Kinect. "Xbox, join USC", "Xbox replay!". Sports trivia questions while watching the sports.
    * Kinect creative director on stage - introducing 6 360-exclusive Kinect games. Live demos of: Kinectimals (creepy), Kinect Sports (live demo of running/hurdles, trailer video of other sports (Soccer, Bowling, Javelin, Long jump, Ping Pong)), Kinect Joy Ride (with an invisible steering wheel), Kinect Adventures (if you 2nd person comes in front of Kinect while playing, it will detect it and auto-switch to a split-screen multiplayer mode ; Game will take pictures while you are playing - and u can easily share them on LIVE).
    * Kinect video trailers: Ubisoft's YOURSHAPE - Fitness Evolved (Kinect exclusive). Followed by LIVE demo of the game. Scanning the body to calibrate stuff. Can can chose between gym activities, personal training and fitness classes.
    * Kinect live demo: Harmonix' Dance Central (so you think you can dance huh?). Kinect exclusive ofcuz. Several types of music: Pop, Hip Hop, RNB. Over 600 moves and 90 routines. Easy to difficult (coach slows moves down if you can't follow).
    * Kinect launching in the US on November 4th. 15 titles at launch, compatible with all 360s (+40M sold already). Will be available worldwide this holiday season.
    * Exclusive deal with LucasArts: Star Wars Kinect game - video trailer shown. Coming next year.
    * Guys from Turn 10 on stage now - live demo of a Forza Kinect game. No demo of racing tho - just how u can walk around the car, inspect all parts, step in the car. Coming 2011.
    * NEW Xbox 360! Redesigned - only a bit smaller, glossy PS3-like black. It's the one from that leaked ad 2 days ago. WiFi-N, 250gb HDD, "sleeker", "smaller", "whisper quiet", same price ($299 in the US). Shipping to retailers TODAY - will be available in stores later this week. And MS is giving away the new 360 to everyone in the theater back there in LA where they are having their Media Briefing.
    * The End.

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