MGS 5 lets you 'create user-generated missions', says Kojima

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    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain players will be able to 'create user-generated missions within the world', series creator Hideo Kojima told CVG

    The designer said during an interview that the game's new open-world setting and multi-platform development - including functionality for smartphone and tablet integration - will afford the player much great freedoms than previous games in the MGS series, which have typically been linear in nature.

    "The first reason why I wanted to go open-world is because I wanted to create a world that had a lot of freedom and allowed users to create their own gameplay," said Kojima.


    "The other reason for the game going open-world is that we wanted to use multiple devices for this game," he continued. "So using tablets and smart phones you can also enjoy MGSV and create user-generated missions within the world. That's another reason we had to go open-world - if it was linear we wouldn't be able to do that," Kojima revealed.

    He didn't go into specifics on exactly what he meant by 'user-generated missions', but the prospect of being able to custom-build your own missions in an open-world Metal Gear Solid game is huge.

    In the same interview, Kojima told CVG that Metal Gear Solid 5 will have a 'big surprise' in store for MGS fans, teasing an innovative new feature that "hasn't been done before".

    Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference opened with a stirring MGS 5 gameplay trailer confirming that the much-anticipated cross-gen sequel will feature open-world gameplay, real-time weather, various modes of transport, realistic passage of time, deeper stealth action, and dynamic CQC.

    We met with the legendary designer at E3 to discuss next-gen, open worlds and just who that great white Whale might be. Read the full Hideo Kojima interview here.

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