Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain first impressions

FreddyZVoorhees May 13, 2015

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    Several games journalists were privileged to play some Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain a preview event that took place at the Los Angeles studio.

    "The mainstream media and gaming stores are playing The Phantom Pain. A preview of MGSV is on its way. The embargo ends on 9 June." - Konami

    "It is preview day at the LA studio where key guests played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" - official MGS Twitter


    "The US press has a 1 hour window to tweet your first impressions, to spare them explode with contained emotions."
    Currently, the editor of GameSpot, Peter Brown, is posting some information on Twitter and encouraging people to ask about this mission.


    "Now I'm in the Afghanistan desert looking for a secret weapon in caves. I can only talk about this mission today. Needless to say, Afghanistan, in the game, is much higher than Ground Zeroes. When I think I'm getting tired of the environment desert, I find a new hiding place that animates things. "

    "So far, I rescued people with Fulton, supplies, and ... a giant bear. The bear was very challenging! It cost 10 tranquilizer darts. In addition to Soviet troops, I also found mysterious super soldiers in this mission. These 'skulls' They are very fast, and are clearly biomechanical in nature. "

    "The day and night cycle is great, and is a big part of the strategy. The Phantom Cigar is strange! The mission to find the weapon takes you by massive military installations hidden in the desert. The size of them is scary."

    "Although I can only talk about this mission today, I will have a lot of coverage ready to reveal on 9 June. Any questions about this mission? Bring it! I can tweet about it until 10 AM on Pacific Time."

    "On this mission, Episode 6 (" Where the bees sleep? "), I am in the 4% set on 7 hours of gameplay. Take it or leave it."

    After fans made their questions, Peter Brown answered some through his Twitter:

    Question: Can you still reassure / give CQC in skulls or they are like snatchers mission Jamais Vu, where something is preventing any action other than kill them?
    A: They are so powerful that I would not dare, at this point.

    Q: How was the change / reverse of arms? The weapons are good?
    A: There are various weapons at the time, with many unique features.

    Q: How is the MGS open world? Open world games often have quests, and find things to explore.
    A: There are a lot of it so far. Both prescribed as organic.

    Q: Is there any restriction map?
    A: None that I know so far, but I've been focusing on missions.

    Q: These biomechanical soldiers, can you give some more information about them? They talk or make noises? Any info would be great.
    A: They did not speak. They are led by someone familiar, however. I can not say more.

    A: I was presented a new character? "Yes" or "no" longer serves. I understand your position!
    A: Yes.

    Q: How is Artificial Intelligence enemy?
    A: A good mix indeed.

    He also confirmed that the biomechanical soldiers are the same seen in the E3 2013 trailer ("Those Who Do not Exist" / "Those who do not exist").

    Joe McCallister, the Examiner, was tweeting too.

    "I can confirm that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an extensive game, beautiful, and seriously deep, almost there is plenty to do, but ... it's not oppressive I could be attacked by a bear, recruit a size PMC. decent, and give punch in almost everything. "

    "I also dropped a crate on my horse and me, and it deserves a trophy."

    "Now I was given the task of eliminating three unit commanders in a meeting, the question is how quiet I can be until I find out how loud I can be."

    "You know those games that you drop and then immediately want to play again I had that feeling with MGSV:. TPP, for sure"

    "At certain points the environments and the level design are very photorealistic. The music and sounds are, as always, on the spot."


    David Roberts, of the Games Radar:

    "Well, I'm playing Metal Gear Solid V for about eight hours now."

    "Obviously, I can not talk about it much now. But it's like the Peace Walker expanded into immense proportions of open-world."

    "I'm in mission 8 now, and I need to find a Colonel and his follow-tank squad. But for that, I need to find information."

    "Also, I need to find more soldiers to 'recruit' using the Fulton Recovery System in order to search for a new rocket launcher."

    "When I do this, those tanks will be exploded. Or, if I were better in that game, could always use the C4."

    Matthew Kato, Game Informer:

    "I put my faithful horse with his uniform battle and we are stomping Afghans. Blood Covered!"

    "In the middle of the mission trying to locate the Honey Bee gun. I stopped to give cable a Soviet relay station. We'll find some information!"

    "Wow, I was lucky. A spontaneous sandstorm gave cover for my entrance. The Soviets did not even notice."

    "It did not last very ... resorted to using their anti-aircraft guns against them. Oh yeah."

    "The cover of the night is the perfect way to distance myself from this disaster!"

    "I escaped narrowly from an enemy helicopter while on horseback. That would have been bad."

    "I heard the howl of a dog, but I can not find it! I would love to return it to the Mother Base."

    Jose Otero (IGN):

    "I played six MGS5 missions yesterday (over 8 hours) There is much to talk about Wait for a preview on June 9 inIGN For now, I will say this:... If the Act 1 of MGS4 and Peace Walker had a child, this would be MGS5. huge spaces to explore. Several features to develop. "

    Steve Haske:

    "Taking a walk with my puppy wolf on Mother Base. He likes to do fondness in his belly."

    Caleb Lawson (IGN):

    "I've played around seven hours of MGSV yesterday and it looks like giant continuation of Peace Walker and open-world that were promised. I spent seven hours in 10 episodes of Chapter 1 of MGSV while I forced the largely ignore the Mother Base. There so much to do. "

    European Press impressions will be revealed later this week. More information will be revealed when the preview arrive on June 9, while for Metal Gear Online will arrive on 16 June.
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released September 1 this year to PS4, PS3, XBOX and XBOX ONE 360 and later on the 15th of September will be the release date for the PC version.
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