medal of honor warfighter crashing

mr2face Aug 10, 2013

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    Jul 23, 2013
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    i'm having a strange problem with this game. i'm using an RGH Corona Xbox 360 and using the latest FSD to run the game. it's all good until i came upon the hot pursuit mission where i'm supposed to crash into a guy's car after chasing him through the market and steal his phone.

    after i crash into him, just as i'm walking back through the crowds when i steal his phone, xbox crashes the game saying 'game could not be started'. did i mention i am playing the game ripped from the discs? initially i thought it's a bad disc but i deleted the files, got a new set of discs and ripped it again (i'm still using the original gamesave). still same problem.

    any ideas what the problem might be? i'm going to try a new gamesave downloaded from this forum and see if i can skip the level altogether. not ideal but if i don't have a choice....

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