Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition

GamrInsanity Jul 19, 2010

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    The Tier 1 Edition Medal of Honor will give players exclusive access to Tier 1 Operator Class Assault since Day 1 and the unique privilege of being able to use the powerful rifle 'M60 assault, perfect remedy for an attack of AK47. In addition to this players will have access all'MP7 rifle, a weapon only used by Tier 1 Operators in the field, which, thanks to its light weight, its high frequency of fire and its ability to penetrate the bulletproof vests, represents the perfect synthesis between the handling of a gun and efficacy of a gun. Come se non bastasse chi acquisterà la Tier 1 Edition godrà della possibilità di usufruire sin dal giorno del lancio del TOZ-194 e del 870MC2, due devastanti fucili equipaggiati con munizioni più potenti per gli scontri ravvicinati, e del Camouflage Classe Spec Ops, un camuffamento unico per mimetizzarsi nell'ambiente o per distinguersi meglio dagli altri soldati. As if not enough people will buy the Tier 1 Edition will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the very day of the launch of TOZ-194 and 870MC2, two devastating rifles equipped with more powerful ammunition for close combat, and the Class Spec Ops Camouflage, camouflage only to blend into the environment or to better distinguish from other soldiers.

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