Maximus iXtreme LT+ UART Enable Patch for LiteOn

Bullet Nov 26, 2010

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    Maximus released an UART Enable Patch for C4E's iXtreme LT+ FW for LiteOn drives on that will allow you to read the DVD-key again on LiteOn drives flashed with LT+ without having to cut/repair extra traces.

    From the README/NFO:
    *Update* C4Eva said on IRC (#fw) the patch is "less secure", Maximus (carranzafp) said it's as safe as the unpatched LT+ - you decide.
    [c4eva on #FW] btw, avoid the mamimus patch for lt+,less secure!
    [carranzafp via forums] The hack is as safe as LT+ can be, if we remember a bit the 93450 had the uart serial removed with simple hex edit, so this just revert back the functionality doing the same.
    Unless of course the console had a small hand and put a probe on the spot by itself to check if its enable. Which is not likely happen

    Download : HERE

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