Mass Effect 3 Save Editing - Unlimited Credits (PC)

xDeM0nx Mar 8, 2013

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    This is a fairly simple method but I thought I would share it with you
    anyway in case anyone is scratching their head trying to figure it out.
    Instructions for editing Mass Effect 3 credits
    on Xbox have been out for a while but PC saves are slightly different
    in that they have different endianness (basically the bytes are
    reversed). In this I will explain how to edit PC saves of ME3 to give
    yourself more credits.


    First find out how many credits you have (press ESC in game). Then convert this number to hex (you can use the online converter here).

    need to take the result, which for me with 35000 credits was 88B8, and
    split it into groups of two characters starting from the right (88.B8).
    Then you need to reverse the order of these groups leaving the
    characters in them unchanged (B888).

    Next, make a backup
    of your save before opening it in a hex editor. Saves are located in
    C:\Users\[YourUserName]\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect
    3\Save\[CharacterNameAndRandomNumbers]\Save_[SaveNumber].pcsav. The hex
    editor I used is called XVI32.

    Use search to find the hexadecimal number you found earlier (B888 for me).


    should find your credits stored in 4 bytes starting with your credits
    in hex and followed by 0's (e.g. mine has B8880000). Replace this with
    FFC99A3B (999,999,999 credits) then save your file. If you try and load
    it up now you will find that Mass Effect says it's corrupt. This is
    because the checksum is wrong.


    Open your save in this
    checksum fixer and press "Fix Checksum". You will have to type "*" in
    the file name box and press enter to make it show PC saves since it is
    only looking for Xbox ones.


    is made for Xbox so the checksum will have the wrong endianness. To fix
    this, open the save file in your hex editor again and scroll to the
    last 4 bytes of the file. My checksum was F3E96500.


    the same thing you did earlier with the credits. Split into groups of 2
    characters (F3.E9.65.00). Reverse the groups (00.65.E9.F3) and replace.


    Load up the save and you should have 999,999,999 credits.


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