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GamrInsanity Feb 11, 2012

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    After getting my hands on the Mass Effect 3 demo it was nice to return as the role of Commander Shepard. The demo starts right at the start of the Reaper invasion of earth and it's up to you to rally up some forces and fight for survival. The first of the two missions in the demo is basically the tutorial and control refresh for the player. Buildings are crumbling, people are dying all around you and that is when you decide you need to get aboard the Normandy to seek help from from those on the Citadel. The 2nd mission takes place during a mission much later in the story and is on the Salarian home world. You are there to rescue a female Krogan. This is the mission that is full of action and you get a full squad to control. Garrus and Liara are along for the journey and you need all their powers and abilities to make it out without dying. You will encounter new enemies have to make sure you're using the right type of ammo powers to take down enemies of a familiar organization.

    Be sure you have a date with Male of Female Shepard this Valentine's Day February 14th.
    The game launches March 6, 2012 in the USA and on March, 9, 2012. in the UK.

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