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Bullet May 19, 2012

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    One of swords a great conversation with Treyarch’s studio head, Mark Lamia, on this week’s podcast. They talked for a good 40 minutes about several topics — how and why the team chose to radically rethink the single-player campaign with branching options and storylines, how the studio feels about leaks, what details people may have missed during the reveal of Black Ops II, and even a few interesting tidbits about how he and David Vonderhaar met all those years ago.
    One of the key asked was a question I’ve been asked by several people since the game was announced:

    “What engine powers Black Ops II?”

    Mark’s answer: The Black Ops II engine, which has been upgraded from Black Ops to meet the current game’s design goals. Mark’s long answer, however, is far more interesting.
    I pulled out some relevant parts of the conversation below and reordered them a bit for easy reading (as I used to do when I was writing magazine features). They are still in their original context, and of course, you can listen to the recording yourself if you prefer. But if you just want the highlights, here’s some of what Mark discussed:

    Again, there is much more than just engine talk in this excellent 40-minute conversation. You can hear Mark’s interview in its entirety here.

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