Mario Kart 8: Has Been Modded Using RAM Edits

Bullet Jul 6, 2014

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    Using on-the-fly RAM edits modder's have been able to tweak certain parts of Mario Kart 8, and this is only the beginning they say.
    A Youtuber going by the name of MrBean35000vr whom you may also recognize as a Mario speed runner showed off the Mario Kart 8 Mods during a livestream on Twitch over the weekend which he says are possible via a recently released browser hack and some additional code from his good friend Chadderz, which enabled kernel reading and writing.
    The mods themselves may not exactly be groundbreaking, but this is something new and exciting for modding on the Wii-U although the methods are not going to be released says MrBean35000vr whilst trying to reassure people on Youtube.
    So far the modder's have managed to get the following mods working, and do say themselves that this is just the tip of the iceberg:

    - Making Moo Moo Meadows play its final lap music immediately
    - Making the final lap play no music at all
    - Making the lap 1/2 song into the opening camera fanfare
    - Renaming Moo Moo Meadows to "Hello!"
    - Renaming it again to "Shitty luck course!"
    - Renaming Toad's Turnpike to Deathpike...
    - Corrupting a font
    - Crashing the Wii U
    - Altering the Wii U menu fonts

    Now matter how much these guys reassure that the method will not be released, eventually the full working method will surface, that much is inevitable. Its more a question of will the modder's do it before Nintendo patch the exploit?

    You can watch the mods in action here.
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