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    Magna has created this awesome Real time mod tool which will allow you to mod on Advanced Warfare on the latest Title update ( TU3 ). This is a fully comprehensive mod tool with loads of cheat options ranging from on screen text and name changing options through to lobby options such as force host and infinite ammo and much more. See below for a full list of mods included in this tool.

    Advanced Warfare TU3 Tool



    Mods included in this tool:

    Name changers:

    Regular name changer

    Scrolling name

    Real time name changer

    Checkerbox name

    Ingame scrolling name

    Real time digital clock

    3D name changer

    In-game 3D name changer

    Clan tag changer

    Main Mods:

    Xp Lobby settings:

    Set Kill XP

    Reset kill XP

    Set suicide XP

    Reset suicide XP

    Set capture XP

    Reset capture XP

    Set assist XP

    Reset assist XP

    Host Mods:

    Unlock all achivements

    Force host on

    Infinite ammo On/off

    Invisible bullets On/Off

    Secret Map

    Godmode On/Off

    Ufo mode On/Off

    Laser On/Off

    Jump height

    Center screen text

    Kill feed text

    Non Host Mods:

    Chrome vision On/Off

    Red box On/Off

    No recoil On/Off

    FPS On/Off

    Set outline

    Set body colour

    Reset colors

    + Many more mods...

    Credits: Magna

    Download: Click here to download and view virus scan

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