Make a multigame disk with Craxtion

xDeM0nx Jan 7, 2013

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    This tutorial outlines how to create a Multi-game Xbox Disc using LepPper's Craxtion and BenJeremy's MXM.

    What you need: Craxtion (Craxtion ) o MXM [Currently 0.9n] (build with XDK, DL not available) o VB6 runtimes (available at the Craxtion site)

    Extract craxtion to your directory of choice (I used C:\Program Files\Craxtion).

    Extract the MXM RAR file, copy the "default.xbe" file, and paste it into [C:\Program Files\Craxtion]\multifiles\MXM

    (Overwriting if necessary).

    Navigate to your Craxtion directory and launch the Craxtion EXE file (ISOCraxtion.exe).

    If you get an OCX error, download and install the VB6 Runtimes and try again. If you STILL get runtime errors, check

    out the solutions.rar file (found at Craxtions website "Getting OCX Errors ? Check this - Please View the Read me

    included. Will solve most problems.") and read the solutions.txt file included. That should fix your problem.

    Once you get Craxtion up and running, select "MultiGame Disk" from the menu, then select "MXM Disk Wizard", add your

    ISO files or Game Folders to the list (max disk size is 4400MB). Type in your disk title and a description, then

    click next.

    You will be asked to give a name and (brief) description for each game, you can also add a preview video or image if

    you'd like! Click next after each game.

    Once you finish that, you can select your MXM skin folder (skins are available at if you want more

    than the Craxtion Default). You should also select which directory you want to same your new MultiGame ISO into.

    Click "Create ISO", you will be prompted to enter a (file)name for the iso, once you do, click OK.

    It will take 3-5 minutes to compile your Xbox ISO, once it finishes, burn it in your favorite program (I use

    Nero), boot it up on the Xbox, and you're done :)

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