Mafia III's Skills, Car Chases And Shooting Mechanics Explained

Bullet Oct 17, 2015

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    So far information about 2K and developer Hangar 13's upcoming title Mafia III has been less than abundant, in fact we know very little about the game, however some information about the skills, car chases and shooting mechanics has been revealed during a recent interview with Creative Director Haden Blackman about the game.
    The Examiner asked about the games skills will work and exactly how they will affect gameplay, also how 'Retaliations' will work:
    “We always want to be providing you with skill checks in the game. I think that’s a fun element in a game and for me, it’s that combination of challenge and choice. It’s hard to have fun with a game if you’re not being challenged. you want to have something to overcome, but then you want to have choice with how you do that.”
    Hangar 13 understand that gamer's want a challenge when playing Mafia, however they do not want to over complicate things either. This is apparent with the driving and shooting mechanics:
    “In the case of vehicles, we said ‘okay we’ve got the cover-shooting and are providing you with gun challenges constantly through the game and through that.’ In the driving, we don’t want the shooting to necessarily be the challenge. We want the driving to be the challenge, so a lot of that is done through smart targeting.
    Hangar 13 is still developing Mafia 3 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, although there is no fixed release date yet.
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    This is one of my most wanted games for 2016, Loved Mafia 2 so much ;)

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