Mafia 3: First trailer is shown and a gameplay leak!

FreddyZVoorhees Aug 5, 2015

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    After confirming that MAFIA III really existed and was in development, 2K Games published, finally, the first trailer of the game at Gamescom, with almost 4 minutes of video.
    Then the worldwide exposure of Mafia 3 is here, with a great offer.
    Set in 1968 Mafia 3 has a new protagonist named Lincoln Clay, he is part black, part white, what matters, due to the beginning of his story be in New Orleans back, where the violence was racism of the day -a-day at that time. Clay suffered much so, it was also an orphan, always looking for a family, he found the army during the Vietnam War. And, just to talk at first, he saw things.
    Lincoln Clay is not the set man in the world, but it's hard to blame him for that. After returning home from war, find a new family in "black mob," he loses it again when the Italian mafia kill them, gives a headshot of Clay, and let him die. Then he picks up all these ingredients and do what you have to do well so brutally, releasing a wave of revenge that will lay waste to all Italian Mafia and leave the leadership of organized crime of empty city.
    A space where Clay is more than interested in filling.
    But there are several groups seeking power in New Orleans. For every brutal act of pure violence, which it does by using his skill with knives, it causes people to approach him. As Clay, you can join several gang leaders in the palm of your hand to serve you as lieutenants in his crime empire. Cassandra and Haitians, Vito Scaletta, who heads the faction of Italians, Burke and the Irish men. All three will bring you special unlockable benefits if you can join them, or will betray and attack you if they feel they are throwing away their piece on this cake with crime flavor.
    Mafia III is being developed by 2K Games, and will arrive in 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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