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Madden NFL 13 Review

Smsnh Nov 25, 2012

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    As many of you may know, Madden 13 is the latest edition of NFL Football out on the streets today. This game has many up's and down's. There have also been many changes from Madden 12 in my perspective. So, let's get started.​

    The good things about Madden 13 is that; They added a better type of MyPlayer as you would call it. You can practice, play games, and see yourself winning the super bowl. The graphics are a lot better than in Madden 13. I was always a big fan of Gameflow because when I play Ranked/Unranked matches online, I hate having to wait like 30 seconds for the opponent to choose their play. Some people still pick their plays but if you want things to go faster, most of the time you'd choose Gameflow. There are some really cool animations when you catch the ball or sack the QB. Connected Careers is really cool, I love the legacy points, it shows how much of a true star your guy is.​

    Madden is still slacking in many things, such as; the interceptions are much more complex than in Madden 12. The defender can jump in front of the guy, even if the guy looks wide open to you, the defender can still get in front of the ball and take it back for a pick-6. One thing that I found was a shame was taking out the Franchise Mode, I understand you can do Connected Career's now but I use to love doing a offline career and doing a Fantasy Draft but you can no longer do that anymore, that was one of my favorite things in the game. Also, the kicking I'm not a big fan of, I loved in Madden 12, how you used the A button to kick the ball, that is different now, so if it's past 50 yards, you'd have to get it all the way up and it will go in.​

    I would definetely recommend this game to anyone who's a fan of football, Robert Griffin III & Andrew Luck are the two best rookies in the game, RG3 has a speed of 93, which is outstanding, he's faster than some of the NFL RB's.​
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