Mad Max: Only the Savage Survive

Nasyr Oct 5, 2014

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    Mad Max is an exciting, yet violent game. It brings series and movies together as one whole story combined. Not only does the game have a movie entailed with it but, it also has 1 on 1 control between you and the characters you face. Check out the awesome trailer here which I know will get you even more hyped then me just telling you about it. Now for no further or do, let's dive right into it!

    Mad Max is a open season, fire breathing, gun fire packed game. The guns are automatic, easy for those people that fire from the hip or simply "spray and pray." Either way it is doubly enjoyable for any type of gamer that likes adventure and action. You will travel through the desert looking for these people they call "The Endours." These creatures are mutated and have destroyed the world as we know it.​

    Now the roads that were filled with regulated people now go on for miles to no where. All the people left in the world that are human take refuge scavenging anything they can find while staying hidden from the Endours. But... There is one man.... One man, brave enough... This man goes out hunting these creatures, never to hide from them AGAIN! This man goes by the name of, Max.​

    Max is a man who was young when this virus of Endours took over the world turning people into Endours and then those people destroying there own world they helped evolve. One day in his home they were hiding, but the Endours are smart, they sense fear. The family was scared as they heard the screaming of people outside and the howling of the Endours getting closer. Max knew that his family would die, as they creatures were powerful. As the Endour broke through there barricades and attacked his family killing his parents and anyone else, Max hid, knowing that he was next to die. But the Endour looked at him intensely, as if he knew him, then left, leaving him to tend to his dead family.​

    Now as that might have been a lot of fun information to take in that I have just told you, I truly hope you enjoyed it and the game play trailer I linked. More information is to be released on this topic as far as it's exact release date, which I assume is soon, and any updates that they're making. I will be sure to keep you all updated on that, so be sure to stay active and looking on XPG.​
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