Lords of the Fallen: Fighting for the Pride

Nasyr Sep 5, 2014

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    Lords of the Fallen is mainly entailing off Dark Souls. They have taken most notes from that game then anyone else ever has. Check out the preview trailer for Lords of the Fallen here. The trailer shows many different monster or creature like figures your knight will have to fight against. The more creatures you defeat, the harder the enemy gets along the way. Could this be a Mortal Combat Jr?

    Many people are spectacle about this game as it seems like a half recreations and a half new born creature like animals. In Lords of the Fallen you will also be able to buy new weapons of choice for your character. The more you advance the more your opponents advance so you may need changes in your equipment. Customizing the look of your character or which knight you play as will be optional.

    To play the game you must simply have fast fingers and determination. Your character can also accumulate almost like rage spells where it takes out a big chunk of your opponents health when used. It can only be achieved when you gain enough experience points through attacking and sword hits and or wins of the game. Not only will you have a rage spell, you will also be able to decide what type of rolls and quests your player will take on.

    This game will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 28th, 2014. This game will interestingly reveal and release new technology fighting that fewer companies have seen. The execution of the fighting in the game will be more HD with better partaking in the action. This is only the beginning of a fight, but could this be the new war to something that already exists in it's current time?
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