Lords of the Fallen DLC Coming Out Next Month

Nasyr Dec 17, 2014

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    CI Games has recently released an announcement on it's Facebook that the game "Lords of the Fallen" will be releasing the DLC, Ancient Labyrinth. The release of this DLC will be infact in the month of January. The company has also released in another recent announcement that Lords of the Fallen 2 is already a work in progress to come. As they get further with the second game, they shall start revealing more previews and info about the game and what shall be with held in it or offers. Not always do they stick with what they say.

    The upcoming DLC will feature a new campaign area, supposedly called “The Library,” where players will have to solve puzzles and fight against a magical being. New weapons, armor, and items will also be released. As for Lords of the Fallen 2, the only news that has surfaced is that it is being created. The sequel was somewhat expected, considering CI Games announced soon after the RPG was released earlier in the year that it was profitable.
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