Logan Paul Wants to Take Over Twitch

Grizzy Mar 20, 2018

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    Logan Paul, the recently highly controversial YouTube celebrity, wants to expand his talent to the streaming scene on Twitch -- specifically Fortnite.

    Logan, likely trying to reinvent himself after a rocky recent few months with YouTube, has probably been inspired by the success of other streamers like Ninja and his recent record breaking collaboration with musician Drake.

    But I’ll let someone from the Twitch community speak for themselves. Popular streamer “Slackaholicus” put it this way on Twitter:

    “Ninja and Drake bromance blows up, makes headlines, unites the world. Days later, Logan Paul suddenly wants in on Twitch. I’ve seen some obvious bullshit in my life but this isn’t even trying to be subtle.”


    Well, regardless of whether you think this is a lame idea or a great one, Logan Paul is already extremely successful on Twitch....and he hasn't streamed a single second yet.

    Here is the link to his Twitch page:


    In a little over 24 hours, as of the posting of this article, Logan has gained over 224,000 followers... just because he created an account.

    But don’t worry, Logan promises his first stream “is going to be so lit”.

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