Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII DLC

t3fury Nov 22, 2013

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    Whereas the previous game had a large amount of downloadable content in the form of character costumes, extra story episodes and battles in the game's fighting arena, the reaction to these was mixed. While the costumes were liked by fans, despite some complaints of them being purely cosmetic, the story DLC caused many to criticize the original game as incomplete.​
    In reaction to this, developers decided to have the game's entire story come with the retail edition. However, they did create pre-order DLC for the game in the form of outfits Lightning could use in battle. One of these featured the clothing, weapon and equipment of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, available with the game's limited edition Pre-Order Bonus Pack, while another featured a collection of Samurai-inspired outfits.​
    In addition to this, as part of a cross-game promotional campaign, Square Enix also made Yuna's costume from Final Fantasy X a playable garb for those who had purchased the HD Remaster of the game on either PS3 or Vita. In the Western release of the game scheduled on February 2014, a DLC pack will be released that will enable players to play the localized version of the game with Japanese voice acting and lip-synching. The DLC will be free for the first two weeks, then will become paid DLC​

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