LED display gone and will not recognize wireless controllers

DeadIsland Oct 27, 2013

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    So, 1 of my consoles has been taken apart for a good while now and essentially just hangs out with no casing or faceplate in my entertainment system.

    Today I plugged a usb drive into the xbox and a lingering piece of the usb drive touched part of the square set of soldering ends on part of the control board directly to the left of the usb input panel.

    When this happened my xbox could not read wireless controllers anymore.

    This happened once before and i tapped a piece of metal to one of the soldered points and viola, worked fine. This time it did not work so well.

    I gave a few taps to the soldered end point and decided to power down for a bit as suggested by some online sources. After the power cycle I no longer have an led display.

    Wired controllers and usb devices remain working however wireless controllers cannot be recognized by the xbox anymore.

    Am I SOL?

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