Kung Fu High Impact

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    just dl this game and had a look at it and was suprised to see all the fuckin files are stored in unprotected .zip files :O

    heres whats in the commonconfig file thats stashed in the Startup.zip

    ; KungFu ConfigCommon.ini
    ; This file holds parameters that are common across platforms.

    Path > AssetWeb.$(Platform).Path
    OverrideSystemId > AssetWeb.$(Platform).OverrideSystemId

    Path = $(AssetWeb.Path)/Enums

    ; You can override config options on the command line like this:
    ; KungFu.exe --no-audio Game.Launcher=DevLauncher Game.DevLauncher.InitialWorld=BackAlleyScene
    ; Note the block hierarchy (Game.DevLauncher.optionname), and that minus signs are not used.

    ; Choose launcher for game. Configure in the sections below.

    ; General development and debugging. Optionally skips main menu and goes straight
    ; into a fight scene. See the [Game.DevLauncher] block for configuration.
    ;Launcher = DevLauncher

    ; Final release game.
    Launcher = GameLauncher

    ; Launcher for testing cutscenes
    ;Launcher = CutSceneLauncher

    ; either 50 (Europe) or 60 (USA)
    AntiFlickerDefault = 50

    ; Whether to run automatic test
    AutoTest = false
    ; Whether AutoTest is quick (false) or full (true)
    DoFullAutoTest = false
    ; Should we test KFL 1 levels instead?
    AutoTestOldLevels = false
    ; Run autotest in generate shader caches mode?
    GenerateShaderCaches = false

    ; photo export resolution
    ; A4 is 210mm x 297mm, 300 DPI => 2480 x 3508 pixels
    ; A5 is 148.5mm x 210mm, 300 DPI => 1754 x 2480 pixels
    ; A6 is 105mm x 148.5mm, 300 DPI => 1240 x 1754 pixels
    PhotoExportResolutionX = 1024
    PhotoExportResolutionY = 1450

    ; Enables gesture control in menus.
    GesturalMenus = true

    ; For use by AutoTest only. When true, loads gestural menus and the player image
    ; overlay, but gesture control is never activated. Allows simulated gamepad input.
    GamepadInputAlwaysActive = false

    ; Uncomment this to enable live HUD tinting in levels.
    ; Use up/down to navigate, left/right to modify values, and pgup/pgdown or l1/r1
    ; for fine step. Pressing one of these keys shows the panel, pressing any other
    ; key hides it.
    ; When done, copy the values to g_hudTintsByScene EseInGameHUD.lua.
    ; NOTE: this does not disable the normal debug key bindings for the above keys.
    ;HudTintPanel = true

    ; Set this to false to disable keyboard/gamepad input entirely (eg. set-top box)
    ; Has no effect on Xbox 360 or PS3.
    AllowDebugGamepadInput = true

    ; If true, F10 or L1 + start lets you dump all properties of all entities and screencaps of the past few rendered frames.
    ; The dumping is also done as part of handling of logged errors
    UseDebugDumping = false
    ; How many frames of properties and images to dump
    DebugDumpFrames = 20
    ; How often to save property and frame data. Note that actually every frame gets saved in the memory temporarily so that if there's an error,
    ; the most recent frame gets dumped.
    DebugDumpIntervalMs = 500
    ; The debug dump will contain all properties of all entities mixing in this model. Note: if this is very generic, e.g., Groupable, it's best to set DebugDumpPropertyHistory=false to maximize frame rate.
    DebugDumpFilter = Enemy
    ; If true, the dump will contain only the properties of the last frame even if DebugDumpFrames > 1 and we thus get multiple screenshots.
    DebugDumpOnlyLastFrameProperties = false

    ; Set to true to enable lua code stepping through the C++ debug hooks. This will use some memory as it needs copies of the loaded scripts.
    ; In shipping mode the debugging is always disabled and this flag has no effect.
    UseLuaDebugging = false

    ; Automatically pause fight scene if player is not in the camera/kinect view
    AutoPauseIfPlayerNotVisibleSeconds = 60

    ; Whether to show game and CV FPS and slowest frame durations in HUD.
    ; This is independent of ShowDebugInHUD - either or both may be active.
    ShowFPSInHUD = true

    ; Whether to show all kinds of debug text in HUD. Includes
    ; version number in loading screen, loading times, debug output,
    ; CV frame rate, calibration state, and so on. Disable this when
    ; showing game to anyone outside the company.
    ShowDebugInHUD = true

    ; Whether to enable various debug keybindings
    EnableDebugKeybindings = true

    ; 60 second TRC limit on loading times. Set to false when running a Debug build.
    UseLoadTimeLimit = false

    ; Run UnitTest++ tests during startup or not
    RunUnitTests = true

    ; By default, using video input will skip calibration whenever it's needed.
    ; Set this to true to force calibration to be run anyway.
    ; If using a camera, this has no effect. Calibration is always run for a camera.
    ;ForceCalibrationWithVideo = true

    ; Set this to true to skip main menu and start a fight with the options defined
    ; below.
    SkipMainMenu = true

    ; Scene to load
    Scene = FieldScene
    ;Scene = DocksScene
    ;Scene = BackAlleyDayScene
    ;Scene = BasementScene
    ;Scene = GojiRuinsScene
    ;Scene = MushroomForestScene
    ;Scene = VillageScene
    ;Scene = SwampScene
    ;Scene = RuinsScene
    ;Scene = StatuesPart1Scene
    ;Scene = StatuesPart2Scene
    ;Scene = ShadowKuangScene
    ;Scene = DocksFinal1Scene
    ;Scene = DocksFinal2Scene

    ; *** Kung-Fu 1 scenes
    ;Scene = BackAlleyScene
    ;Scene = BackAlleyPart2Scene
    ;Scene = SkylineScene
    ;Scene = GojiLakeScene
    ;Scene = GojiLakePart2Scene
    ;Scene = GateKeeperScene
    ;Scene = NightmareFightScene
    ;Scene = NightmareFightPart2Scene
    ;Scene = KuangsTempleScene
    ;Scene = FinalBattleScene
    ; *** Temp/Test scenes ***
    ;Scene = PanoramicTestScene

    ; true: resets the scene after player death/victory.
    ; false: displays score screen and returns to main menu (default GameLauncher behavior).
    RestartFight = true

    ; This difficulty is used regardless of what UseSceneDefaults is set to.
    ; Current Kung-Fu 2 difficulties are Easy (default for new players, appears as
    ; "Normal" in menus) and Medium (challenging difficulty, appears as "Hard" in menus).
    ; Note: Try to balance difficulty so that Medium feels good for developers,
    ; and then simplify it to obtain Easy.
    Difficulty = Medium

    ; true: Acts as if you had selected Quick Play at Medium difficulty with the following options:
    ; 3 rounds, unlimited time, 1 camera player, super powers on and power-ups on.
    ; false: Uses options defined below.
    UseSceneDefaults = true

    ; If this is true, then we start the scene with no enemies
    ;StartWithNoEnemies = true

    ; Game mode (can be Story, QuickFight, ReplayStoryLevel, CustomFight,
    ; Multiplayer, OneOnOne, TimeAttack, Onslaught, GiantSlayer)
    MayhemMode = CustomFight
    ; Number of camera players (how many times the fight is repeated after each death/victory)
    NumberOfPlayers = 1
    ; How many attack waves there are (each must be defined below). Can be 1..6
    NumberOfRounds = 1
    ; Time limit for entire fight (use 0 for unlimited time)
    LevelTimeMinutes = 0
    ; Whether to spawn bonus items
    UsePowerUps = true
    ; Allow super powers (scene and game mode determine which powers are available,
    ; this just toggles everything on/off)
    UseSuperPowers = true
    ; Comma-separated list of enemy presets in each attack wave.
    ; Do not insert space after comma.
    ; There are a maximum of 6 attack waves with a maximum of 4 enemies each.
    ; Wave numbers start at 1.
    ; Note: Attack waves cannot be empty! You must define at least as many attack
    ; waves as in the NumberOfRounds option.
    ;AttackWave1 = ShadeBasicEasy,ShadeBasicEasy
    AttackWave1 = MaskedManMeleeEasy,MaskedManSpearEasy,MaskedManShamanEasy
    ;AttackWave1 = BruteDarkEasy
    ;AttackWave4 =
    ;AttackWave5 =
    ;AttackWave6 =

    ; Sanity check: if you modified the above options, did you also remember to
    ; set UseSceneDefaults = true ?

    AutoPauseIfPlayerNotVisibleSeconds = 15
    ShowFPSInHUD = false
    ShowDebugInHUD = false
    UseLoadTimeLimit = false
    ForceCalibrationWithVideo = false
    RunUnitTests = false
    EnableDebugKeybindings = false

    ShowFPSInHUD = false
    ShowDebugInHUD = false
    UseLoadTimeLimit = false
    ForceCalibrationWithVideo = false
    RunUnitTests = false
    EnableDebugKeybindings = false

    CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneTest

    ; *** KFL1/DLC ***
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneLadyWeisComicbookStore
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutScenePaintingBreaks
    ; *** KFL2 ***
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneField
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneDocks
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneBackAlleyDay
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneBasement
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneGojiRuins
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneMushroomForest
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneMountain
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneVillage
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneSwamp
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneRuins
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneStatuesPart1
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneStatuesPart2
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneShadowKuang
    ;CutSceneToLaunch = CutSceneEpilogue2

    # Used only if duration is not defined in the cutscene data
    CutSceneDuration = 120

    # Run also the capture UI?
    DoRunCaptureUI = false

    ShowFPSInHUD = true
    ShowDebugInHUD = true
    UseLoadTimeLimit = false
    ForceCalibrationWithVideo = false
    RunUnitTests = false
    EnableDebugKeybindings = true
    ; Possible values for locales: en-US, es-ES, de-DE, it-IT, ft-FR
    LocaleOverride = en-US

    ; Load built-ins defined in DLL files into the Lua runtime. The format is:
    ; DLLName!builtin_init_function
    SystemScriptPath1 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).SystemScriptPath1
    SystemScriptPath2 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).SystemScriptPath2
    SystemScriptPath3 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).SystemScriptPath3
    SystemScriptPath4 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).SystemScriptPath4
    UserScriptPath1 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).UserScriptPath1
    UserScriptPath2 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).UserScriptPath2
    UserScriptPath3 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).UserScriptPath3
    UserScriptPath4 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).UserScriptPath4
    UserScriptPath5 > ScriptEngine.Lua.$(Platform).UserScriptPath5

    MaxThread = 4
    ShardID = 156
    EntityStartID = 76

    ModuleEnum = egfLogIDs

    Type = DebugOut
    UseDefaults = true

    Type = File
    FileName = KungFu.log
    FileMode = FileOverwrite
    UseDefaults = true

    ; Uncomment following two blocks to enable lua output logging
    ;Type = File
    ;FileName = KungFuScripts.log
    ;FileMode = FileOverwrite
    ;UseDefaults = false

    ;ALL = None
    ; Using all will show each behavior invocation (extremely verbose, beware!)
    ;Scheduler = All
    ;Behavior = All
    ;Lua = All
    ;Scheduler = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    ;Behavior = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    ;Lua = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1

    ; Set default logging level for all
    ALL = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    ServiceManager = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    MessageService = Err1
    NetMessage = Err0 | Lvl0
    MessageTrace = Err0 | Lvl0
    CategoryTrace = UptoErr3 | Lvl0
    Time = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    NetService = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    Assets = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    Python = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    ConfigManager = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    VisualTrackerService = UptoErr1 | UptoLvl1
    Behavior = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl2
    BehaviorAPI = UptoErr3 | Lvl0
    Scheduler = UptoErr3 | Lvl0
    SendEvent = UptoErr3 | Lvl0
    EntityManager = UptoErr2 | Lvl0
    Entity = UptoErr3 | Lvl0
    App = All

    ; NOTE! If you want to disable AudioKinetic sound asset-error logging, uncomment next line
    ;AudioKinetic Wwise = None

    Lua = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl2
    App = All

    Lua = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1
    App = UptoErr3 | UptoLvl1

    ; If you are using rapid iteration then the Channel Manager settings must point to the
    ; AssetController (which gets automatically started by Toolbench).
    ; Remember to update this when doing rapid iteration on consoles to point to a valid IP address.

    ; Default Memory Pool is a general usage pool for high-level sound structures. This pool mostly contains the following:
    ; * Audio structural content.
    ; * Small size allocations for game objects, game object positions, listeners, RTPCs, switches, states, and so on.

    ; 1024 * 1024 == 1048576 ; 1MB
    ; 2097152 ; 2MB
    ; 3145728 ; 3MB

    DefaultMemSize = 1310720 ; 1.25MB

    ; Lower Engine Memory Pool is the main audio processing pipeline pool.
    ; It is generally used for audio playback, audio processing, memory allocated for effects, and so on.

    LowerMemSize = 1572864 ; 1.5MB

    ; MaxMemoryPoolCount denotes the maximum number of memory pools for Wwise
    MaxMemoryPoolCount = 32

    ; Set to true to ignore voice starving errors (will be reported though!)
    IgnoreStarvingErrors = true

    ; Increasing streaming buffer length to prevent XMA decoder starvations. Wwise default: 380 ms
    StreamAutoBufferLengthMs = 500

    ; Default is 8092, which may be too small at least for release builds where logging uses a lot of stack.
    ThreadStackSize = 16384

    ; To adjust the maximum values for Performance charts, create a variable called "PerfMaxValue"
    ; and set to the new maximum. Similarly, users can set the maximums for Timing charts with
    ; "TimingMaxValue" and Memory charts with "MemMaxValue". Additionally, individual service timings
    ; can be captured by setting a variable named "ServiceTrackers" with the count of trackers. Subsequent
    ; variables like "ServiceY" should be set with the Service ID of the service you wish to track.
    ; The "Y" variable should be the numeric index of the service to track, so the first service would
    ; be "Service0". Colors may also be specified per service using "ServiceYColor". Again, the "Y"
    ; variable name should be the service index.
    ; RenderService (0x07002001)
    ; Scheduler (0x07001002)
    ; VAGC-PhysicsControlService (0x06100002)
    ; GFxService (0x00A13100)
    ; AudioService (0x01000506)
    ; KungFuGameService (0x06100000)
    ; VAGC-CVService (id=0x06100006)

    if ya cant mod this game ya really shudnt be a modder lmao
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    Lmao, top class. I'm going to try flash my Jtag one last time, sick of looking at the ****!
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    :O ho;y Fecal Leaking lol, even tho its a kinect game might ave to download it and take a look if nobody gets to it b4 me hahaha
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    Enigma you crack me up m8. I don't even see some of these games come out and you already have them torn apart.
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    Kinect Games aren't very good for not allowing Mods.

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