Konami ended the development of all its AAA games for consoles; only PES will continue

FreddyZVoorhees Sep 19, 2015

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    Except for Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami ended the development of all its triple-A titles for consoles.
    According to the French games website, Gameblog, and that Eurogamer confirms that it is true, Konami is currently finishing to refine Metal Gear Solid Online (release on October 6), but has no plans to release another "great game" of Metal Gear Solid franchise.
    This goes directly against previous speculations indicating that Konami would develop a new game Metal Gear Solid. In March 2015, Konami had said he "was conducting meetings to decide on the future of the franchise".
    With the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and PES 2016 this year, Konami has no more game consoles in their planning.
    This clearly shows that Konami is coming out of the console market to focus more on mobile games market, where we spend very little to develop and the payoff is big.
    Let's now wait for a public announcement from Konami, and hoping they deny this affirmation!
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