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knux666 Jan 12, 2012

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    First off I highly appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting in and I thought I'd might share my finds with one of the gamesaves this site provides.

    The saveset I'm currently talking about is which is the full save set however around half of these saves are faulty. Now from what i can confirm the following saves for these achievements dont work:

    Walter's Keepsake
    Finish the game with Kendal.

    3. Awakened Lover
    Finish the game with Celine.

    5. Marguerite, My Love
    Raise Marguerite's favor to 100%.

    6. Purpose of the Journey
    Finish the game with Curian.

    7. Protecting the Age
    Complete all of Kendal's story quests.

    11. The Timid Developer
    Watch all of the starting staff roll AND the ending staff roll credits!.

    12. Misery Loves Company
    Have a heartwarming talk with Bertrand.

    13. Dueling Is My Life
    Raise Marguerite's favor to 50%!.

    15. End of Mutation
    Defeat Mutant Curian.

    28. Lord of the Dimension
    Reach Level 120 with any character.

    29. Curse of the Developer
    Reach Level 80 with ALL characters.

    The reason I beleive these don't work is because when you go to load them there is no option to continue on with the game. Now I know it loads correctly because once you load up the desired save the sound fx and music are muted so someting does load, however when you choose the option for a new game it acts out like nothing has been done.

    The game saves for the achievements I've got to work are:

    9. Everlasting Love
    Complete all of Celine's story quests.

    2. End of Pain
    Finish the game with Regnier.

    8. Destroying the Age
    Complete all of Regnier's story quests.

    15. End of Mutation
    Defeat Mutant Curian.

    but because i'm only using this set to finish this game off I cant really test out the others to see if they work.

    If there is anybody out there which could re-upload a save set for this game where they can confirm all the above achievements work it would be most appreciated.

    However really this is just a message for all you guys who might be thinking of using this save set that i'm currently finding problems with it :)

    Hope i've explained this problem out well

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    The Netherlands
    I unlocked the first 70G without a problem, didn't go any further 'cause it's a terrible game.
    When I do go further I'll check if the saves are faulty for me as well.

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