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KingBoo Aug 29, 2012

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    This post includes my own created maxed out weapons, shields and class mods for people to use in WillowTree#. There are 61 weapons, 10 shields and 26 class mods.

    You Will Need:
    WillowTree# 2.2
    USB Flash Drive

    How To Use

    To begin copy your save file to a USB device and open it in device explorer in 360Revo/Horizon.

    Extract the save file for your character(e.g. Roland Level 1) to your computer and back it up.

    Open the save file in WillowTree# and click on the Weapons Tab on the main menu.This will show your back pack weapons. You will see New, Insert and Actions on the left side of the screen, click on Actions and then click Import All From XML from the drop down menu.This will bring up the browse dialog where you can import the provided file.

    For the shields and class mods go to the Items Tab and follow the same process to add them. When you are finished with your save file click File--Save as and save to a new folder don't just click save because it doesn't always work.

    It is best to do this on a dummy profile and then play split screen with your primary profile and then exchange gear, doing this prevents you from tampering with your actual save and ruining your save file or profile.

    These files require ALL DLC for Borderlands. If you want a more specific level for an item you can use the level selector in the weapons/items screen to adjust your items to your desired level.

    There may be updated weapons and items in the future.

    The files all contain the same gear just at different levels :

    View attachment Level 1 Weapons.xml
    View attachment Level 1 Class Mods And Shields.xml
    View attachment Level 25 Weapons.xml
    View attachment Level 25 Class Mods And Shields.xml
    View attachment Level 50 Weapons.xml
    View attachment Level 50 Class Mods And Shields.xml
    View attachment Level 69 Weapons.xml
    View attachment Level 69 Class Mods And Shields.xml


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