#Killallzombies PS4 EU Release + Giveaway

losparo Nov 12, 2014

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    #Killallzombies is a top down dual stick shooter, that combines everything we love about survival arena games with perks, new weapons, and ZOMBIES! Users face wave after wave of zombies of increasing difficulty gaining XP for each kill. Once leveled up you will have a option of a random perk. These perks can range from a random weapon, fast movement, to special ammo types. The area is scattered with obstacles, explosives, weapons, health, and XP drops. While trying to collect, level up, kill zombies, be sure to stay clear of the random bosses who are super powered and will deal massive damage. #Killallzombies also has a very unique feature that makes broadcasting gameplay even more fun and challenging, Twitch integration. While broadcasting on twitch spectators may affect gameplay by using particular chat commands. For instance, spectators can vote what they would like your next upgrade to be, if chosen the user will receive a XP bonus in game. Spectators can also enter commands to troll the user such as “Hexawave!” which spawns a large wave of zombies, and “nutcracker” which spawns a nut decoy, that zombies will start attacking. At the moment survival is the only game mode available however a co-op and defend the flag mode are in development. In a short while this has become one of the most addictive games I have played. Beatshapers was nice enough to share a few review copies of the game with XPG so if you are looking for a challenge pick up a copy or enter in our giveaway.

    In this video you can see how the perk system works. As you level up more perks become available.

    More zombies, more weapons. Use the environment to help kill hoards of zombies.

    Stay away from the powerful attacks of bosses.


    Giveaway contest can be found here;
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