Juvenal's Xbox One HDD Hack Tool [Download]

Bullet Dec 1, 2013

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    Juvenal has created the worlds first Xbox One hack in the form of an Xbox One Hdd Tool which you can find below. This Xbox One HDD hack tool will allow the user to upgrade the standard 500GB HDD inside the Xbox One.

    This hack isn't for everyone as it involves taking apart the Xbox One which in itself is actually quite easy, however it will void the warranty. The other thing is that as of right now this is a Linux based tool only, although Juvenal is said to be building a Windows version, so if you have no experience of Linux the best advice is to just wait. There is talk of the Windows version being integrated with maybe integrating with our already established HDD Hacker Tool that was used for the Xbox 360.

    For those with an understanding of Linux , and no fear of voiding the warranty, here's how to use the tool:


    Warning: As always no guarantees are given and use at your own risk


    Click Here To Download

    Full credits to Juvenal
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