JME Takes To Twitter To Sell Hundreds Of Brand New Discounted XBox One Consoles

Bezza Nov 23, 2013

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    Grime artist JME has spent most of the day selling brand new Microsoft Xbox One consoles at a discount price online to bewildered gamers, after purchasing a large number of the newly released consoles in bulk…

    The successor to the XBox 360 went on sale in the UK at the stroke of midnight, becoming the first next-gen machine to be available to UK gamers ahead of the impending release of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 later in the month and currently retails at £429 (514 euros).
    Earlier today, the Boy Better Know emcee, born Jamie Adenuga took to his Twitter account [@JMEBBK] to post a picture of what looked like a large number of the highly sought machines in his possession stacked together in their brand new official packaging adding, “Holla at 3pm. £200 each. PayPal + £9 postage or cash in north London.”
    The rapper then offered to bundle in copies of the game Call of Duty: Ghosts for a little extra simply typing, “With ghosts extra £29.”
    This seemingly innocent and generous deal – which sees the emcee take a sizeable financial loss if the Grime artist paid full price for his console stash as buyers stand to save approximately 50% off the retail price – kept the Integrity star on his feet for most of the day with the Londoner tweeting his sales progress in posts like, “First batch sent out, dickheaddest decision to do on my own. Santaclaus ting”
    When stunned gamers asked Adenuga questions via the social networking website regarding the warranty on the consoles he swiftly replied, “Yeh, I guarantee that you can holla at Microsoft. They’re sealed.”
    Eventually the musician’s PayPal account was rendered temporarily unusable – maxing out at £5,000 due to all the activity, the emcee also ran out of single game titles to sell posting to a buyer, “nah, no more games left. Maybe on Monday. Just had to cop battlefield 4 coz I didn’t save myself one.”


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