Jewellery Store: Stealth guide on Overkill - Easy Money, XP and Items

Bullet Aug 15, 2013

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    How to rob the jewellery store in Payday 2 stealth for max money, XP , and mods.

    This is a guide to pulling of a stealth heist in the jewellery store on Payday 2.
    Follow this guide and you will be pulling off heists like a pro in next to no time.
    In this guide we will split into two teams, Team one will be the Ally team, Team two will be the street team.

    Join or start a jewellery store heist on crime net, make sure its overkill mode ( 3 gold stars ) to get the most monies...

    Ally Players:

    Ok so now you are in the game, you need x2 people to take the allies, left and right, and two people to take the streets.

    Street players :

    You guys need to check the street for the police. You will notice a couple of police maybe positioned by a hotdog van , go behind them and get ready to mask up when the two ally players are done with the gaurds. If there are no police, one of you stand at the far right and one on the left to cover all civilians.

    Ally players:

    Once you have sorted the guards in the ally , cable tie any civilians in the ally.

    Make sure you respond to any pagers if they off!

    Now you have taken down all gaurds and civilians in the back ally go to the left ally window.

    Notify street players that they can put on masks...

    Street players:

    You guys need to put on your masks and take down any cops and be sure to answer any pagers. Now that you taken care of the police, take down all civilians and cable tie them. If there are civilians left that are out of the map, you will have to shoot them to silence them.

    Ally players:

    Ok you guys need to smash the window you have met up at and go inside. Once inside one of you need to get all the civilians down in the back room and cable tie them up while the other player runs into the front and does the same with any civilians there. Make sure you take down any guards as fast as possible and answer any pagers.

    Once everyone is secured in the streets and in the sotre ally players need to start bagging the loot and throwing it in the street.

    Street players:

    One street player should recover the loot from the street whilst the other street player keeps watch over the downed civilains in the street and makes sure no knew civilians wonder in from any allies...


    Grab the main jewellery only for a quick get away.

    Rinse and repeat for Easy Money , Max XP and Mods.

    If anyone would like to do any stealth jobs on Paydays 2 please message below. Must be a high level, and must have a mic !
    Also if anyone would like to do a video guide that would be great... thanks guys...

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    Very Nice ;)

    You must be hammering this game :LOL:
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    Nice i really need to start playing this game only played it for about 5 mins on me own :lol:
  4. Bu

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    Its worth noting you might not get this first time, but with a good team you can do this heist really fast, especially if you only go for the main jewellery and leave everything else including the safe.

    Yea been hitting this game pretty hard, just working on the stealth cheevos now ;)

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