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Bullet Dec 16, 2013

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    A Spanish developer named 'JaiCrab' has released a tool based on the Raspberry Pi that will read and write from the PS4′s flash memory through the SPI protocol.

    This is surprisingly early considering that the PS4 is barely a month old. Not only that, but the Vita (which has been out for almost 2 years now) hasn’t seen any such public development yet.

    Its utility gives full access to the NOR and is not particularly advisable if you do not have to dump, thus avoiding the brick your console. In addition, JaiCrab provides a utility to decompress the system console versions, yet not very useful since no key has been decrypted. But this tool will surely prove more useful in the future.

    To conclude, this is a step on the scene knowing that the PS4 memory access is one of the first steps of hacking a system.

    Utility to read and write to the main memory (MX25L25635) of Ps4
    with the Raspberry Pi through the SPI protocol.

    Version V1.0
    Support MX25L25635.
    Full Erase.

    -I / dev / spidevX.X Get ID from flash
    -E / dev / Erase Entire Flash spidevX.X
    File.bin-r / dev / spidevX.X Read Entire file to flash
    File.bin-p / dev / spidevX.X Differences Only write blocks from file
    File.bin-v / dev / spidevX.X Verify blocks with file

    -I: Displays information of the flash.
    # Jaispi-i / dev/spidev0.0
    JaiSpi v1.0
    ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635

    -E: Clears all flash.
    Average time 1min, 30sec.

    # Jaispi-e / dev/spidev0.0
    JaiSpi v1.0
    ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635
    Erasing blocks ...

    -R: Makes a full dump of the flash.
    Average time 35sec.

    # Jaispi dump.bin-r / dev/spidev0.0
    JaiSpi v1.0
    ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635
    Reading ...

    -P: Write to flash only the changed sectors.
    Average time 1min 30sec

    # Jaispi-p Base.bin / dev/spidev0.0
    JaiSpi v1.0
    ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635
    Starting ...
    0x02000000 -> 8192 written Sectors

    -V: Show the contents of the flash with the filename.
    Average time 35sec.

    # Jaispi-v Base.bin / dev/spidev0.0
    JaiSpi v1.0
    ID: 0xC22019 MX25L25635
    Checking ...
    0x02000000 -> 0 the industries Different

    Installation Instructions
    Raspberry / Article / JAISPI

    v1: http://jaicrab.org/Ps4/Tools/JAISPI/jaispi
    v1: http://jaicrab.org/Ps4/Tools/JAISPI/jaispi.txt
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    That's bad ass, the key won't be as simple as Geohot's hack, the "random generated number/letter" was always "M" so Sony never thought they would get that far in the 1st place lol.

    PS2 was never hacked when Fail 0verfl0w was looking at the consoles a couple year back and like the topic says the Vita has been pretty safe but the PS4 will have exploits and the hackers will want to race to be on it 1st. Dark Alex is meant to be back also!

    ...pity Geohot isn't involved in anything anymore :/

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    This is good to hear, thanks for the info.

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