IWorkForSony Confirms New PS4 Dash Leaked Images Are Fake

Bullet Aug 11, 2014

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    IWorkForSony is well known for both reliable insider information and also for the unbiased straight talking about Sony which was a welcomed change from the usual hype articles normally released by Sony public relations.
    Yesterday we posted images that were supposedly of a leaked user interface change that would be coming to the PS4 in a future update. Although we really wanted to believe the images that showed features that should of been there from the release of the PS4, such as folders to organize your games and in game notifications that would allow you to accept game invites from within a game along with the ability ot see trophy notifications and advanced details.

    I believe everyone that read the article about the leaked PS4 update images somehow really wanted them to be true, although we did warn our readers to treat the article as rumor until we had official confirmation either way.

    IWorkForSony has confirmed that the images are indeed fake along with information about how Sony rushed the production and launch of the Playstation 4 to capitalize on the Christmas trade last December.
    Since confirming the leaked UI images to be fake and releasing some straight and honest information about Sony the person or peersons behind IWorkForSony has left Reddit where they released the insider information.
    This has left a lot of people wondering why Sony does not have a figure such as Major Nelson who is the face of Xbox on social media sites. As well as adding the features that were left out due to Sony rushing the launch of the PS4 which someone went to the effort of faking maybe Sony could employ someone to deal with the barrage fo questions the Playstation community have, creating a far better public relations.
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    I like the idea of employing a public speaker. That'd be a pretty good gig. But oh how I wanted those pics to be true, I'm really not a fan of the PS4's current UI :(

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