Preview Is This Naughty Dog’s PlayStation 4 Game?

XPG Darkside May 8, 2013

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    The power of Podcast Beyond’s listenership has struck again.

    This time, NickoMcBrain (I assume that’s not his actual name) comes through with some fascinating stills from a video chronicling the development of Naughty Dog’s upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.

    What did we find? The image below show the exact moment of interest.


    In the background of that frame, you can see two character models that don’t at all look like they belong in The Last of Us. In fact, as our Podcast Beyond-listening friend suggests, they look “a lot like 17th/18th century clothing or maybe even pirates.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Here, look at a zoomed-in picture.


    And one even more zoomed in!


    The Last of Us takes place in the 21st century, and though the situation is dire in the game – society hasn’t functioned in two decades as the start of the adventure – I don’t think that means people start dressing like Caribbean buccaneers.

    Then again, these characters could appear in The Last of Us, whether in the single-player campaign or as characters in the still-unknown multiplayer component of the game.

    But more tantalizing is that we could be getting a glimpse at Naughty Dog’s yet-unseen PlayStation 4 game. Remember: Naughty Dog split into two teams, so while one is working on The Last of Us, the other is working on a game we don’t yet know of. We've reached out to Sony for comment, but in the meantime...

    Source IGN.

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