Is Gears Of War Coming To PS4?

Bullet Nov 7, 2013

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    The vice president of Epic games, Mark Rein has just hinted that Gears Of War may be coming to the Playstation 4 !
    If this is true i could be swayed towards the PS4 as a next gen console of choice.

    Check out Mark's tweet and see what you think:


    Wow just wow !
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    would be rather funny though if GoW turned out to be a PS4 game.
    I think the game is dead now anyway after GoW3 it got terrible so I'm not bothered.

    If PS really wanted to steal all Xbox customers what they should do is a scheme where by any xbox360 member who has been a long standing member on Gold and that values there achievements, if Sony offered them what gamer score they have on XboxLive in trophies (basically getting all the achievements you have on xbox but on PS4 in trophies) that would make all the people like me who honestly are only sticking with xbox and getting the xbone because they don't wanna loose all the years of hard work in gamerscore.

    No way do I wanna loose 6 years and nearly 130,000G legit gamerscore.

    Come on Sony offer us it like phone companies and such offer stuff to take custom and I'll 100% get the PS4

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