iOS 6 bug lets institutional users bypass.

XPG Darkside Feb 16, 2013

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    For those unaware, iOS 6 received some beefed up Restriction settings when it was released that allowed users to select “Don’t Allow Changes” for an entire account linked to an iOS device. This option was particularly useful for schools and organizations that wanted to limit a device to a specific account and keep students and others from installing apps not approved by the institution. Without the restriction, students or employees could easily change the iTunes account linked to the iOS device. Unfortunately, as noticed by one frustrated 9to5Mac reader, it seems there are several backdoor methods of bypassing the setting…

    While users can no longer change the account in the after enabling the “Don’t allow changes” setting, as highlighted in the video above, they can still change accounts directly in the App Store and iTunes apps. For teachers and organizations trying to prevent users from installing unapproved content, the bug is clearly an oversight on Apple’s part.

    Apple confirmed to our source that the problem is a bug that needs to be fixed. However, Apple didn’t confirm when a fix for the “Don’t allow changes” bug would arrive. Apple’s temporary solution is to turn off the “Installing Apps” option within Restrictions. Unfortunately, as noted in the video above, that prevents organizations from pushing apps and allowing users to update apps.
    9to5Mac reached out to Apple and will update if we hear back.

    A number of other bugs have popped up in recent weeks, including the “Continuous Loop” Exchange bug and a passcode vulnerability both related to iOS 6.1 bugs. Apple confirmed fixes for these issues are in the works, and a 6.1.2 software update is expected as early as next week.

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