(InvalidCredentialsException: Invalid token.)

sinith Nov 3, 2013

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    Alright so i play MC on PC a lot and i have a premium account, every so often i get this error with the minecraft launcher 1.3.1 (InvalidCredentialsException: Invalid token.). Before people say "you didn't put in the right email/pass" or "you were hacked" my account info works on mojang.com and minecraft.net just fine so i know im using the right email/pass and my account was not hacked & yes i have emailed mojang and all they say is to change my password so i do and that does nothing. All i want to know is how many of you get this "error" and if you have how did you get past it? Last thing, this only happens to me sometimes after about a week or so i can log in again then a few days later i get the message again and i have to wait a week or so. Thank you for your info and i hope to get this resolved soon. Edit: Alright so i think i found out how to get around this at least for me this works. All i did was download a vpn client like hotspotshield to change my ip and i can login fine all the time while its on, so im sure it has something to do with the your/mine ip address that keeping you/me from logging in to the MC launcher. Hope that helps any others having this problem.

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