Infinity Ward Focused on Post-Launch Support for Modern Warfare 3

henry winkler May 19, 2011

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    Infinity Ward is well aware of complaints that Modern Warfare 2′s post-launch support wasn’t up to some gamer’s standards, and Robert Bowling indicated that it’s a major focal point for the developer this time around. The creative strategist for Modern Warfare 2 & Modern Warfare 3 claims that this new found focus on timely patches and after the sale support is because of the criticisms that they recieved from Modern Warfare 2.
    Robert BowlingThe game which launched in 2009, had its fair share of exploits that ruined the experience for some. With this new focus on timely support, hopefully the launch of Modern Warfare 3 will be smooth, or at least smoother than last time. As the developers put it last time around, there’s no tests that can be done to possibly simulate the worldwide release of a title like Call of Duty, but its good to know they’ll be on the case.

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