Infamous Second Son requires 24GB installation space

Rocky Feb 19, 2014

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    Infamous Second Son, the PS4's next major platform exclusive, will require 24GBs of hard drive space for its mandatory installation.

    The platform holder confirmed as much with a picture of the game's box art including its back-cover, which shows the HDD requirement.

    A 24GB install places Infamous roughly in the range of the average PS4 game so far, with games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (21.2GB) and DC Universe Online (22.7GB) requiring similar space. The largest of the PS4 launch games were NBA 2K14 (41.8GB), Killzone Shadow Fall (38.5GB) and Knack (35.6GB).

    All disc-based PS4 games are required to be installed to the hard drive in their entirety for data transfer speed reasons, as is also the case with Xbox One.

    PS4 allows users to play the earlier stages of games as they're being installed, with most titles being bootable within one minute of the disc being inserted into the console for the first time.

    Second Son stars new protagonist Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old Native American street artist who can absorb special abilities from others, including the ability to manipulate smoke and electricity.

    Delsin is viewed as a bioterrorist by the DUP, a branch of government tasked with controlling those with superhuman abilities and hunted.

    The Infamous Second Son release date is set for March 21.


    Source - CVG
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    i havent bought into this games hype , sure the first two was good ... but nether one was game breaking !

    24gb is small really ... for the scale of a game "it's suppose" to be !

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